Caring for the Earth at VCP!

As we continue to teach our students about the importance of caring for our Earth and recycling, we are taking steps to reduce snack and lunch waste at VCP. This is happening in many exciting ways! 

An easy and very effective way to help VCP to reduce our waste is by packing low-waste lunches and snacks for your preschooler. Here are some quick tips on how to achieve packing a low-waste lunch or snack: 

• Consider packing washable/reusable utensils, a cloth napkin,washable/reusable cloth sandwich bags (Click here for a link to some) or purchasing an earth-friendly lunch kit such as a Laptop Lunch Box - these great lunch kits are BPA-free, recycled and recyclable, waste-free and made in the USA.

• Pack a reusable water/drink bottle for your child. (Click here for a link to some great options)

• Avoid packing individually wrapped cheese sticks, foil, individually wrapped cracker/chip/cookie bags or ziploc bags. They aren't easily recycled, if at all.

The following items are recyclable and we will continue to recycle them at Valley Christian Preschool:
• Plastics numbered 1 to 7 (number found on the bottom of the plastic item)

• Juice boxes/pouches
• Foil lids from yogurt cups, applesauce and cottage cheese
• Milk bottles, lids and pull tabs
• Cardboard containers

Thank you for helping us to care for our Earth and helping us to to Go Green at VCP!

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