"Valley Christian Preschool was the perfect choice for my boys. I wanted them to go to a fun and loving place where they would grow both socially and academically. Although there are other preschools in the Farmington area, I feel that Mrs. Heath and Mrs. Thompson make this one the best. They are both such caring individuals and have created such a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in their classroom. I also like that they celebrate Christmas and other holidays. This reminds me of how school was when I was young…fun! My boys both love going to school and always come home with a story about a book they read, a visitor they met or playing with their friends outside. As both a mother and teacher, I highly recommend this preschool!" - Mora G.

"I have had one child complete the 3's and 4's program and one child that has completed the 3's and will be in the 4's next year. They both absolutely love the school! I cannot say enough about the quality of this program and its teachers. I would highly recommend Valley Christian to anyone." - Tina Z.

"The atmosphere at Valley Christian Preschool is what I love best. The teachers have created a place where my kids are excited for everyday of school. They run through the door to share news with the teachers or inquire about what they will learn that day. The teachers care for each child as if they are their own. The teachers did an exceptional job preparing my kids for kindergarten and they had no trouble adjusting academically or socially. This is a great school and I will be sad when my last child graduates as the teachers are now a part of my life too." - Jennifer S.

"I chose Valley Christian Preschool because it is small and as soon as I entered the classroom as I was visiting, I felt like I was home. Even if my daughter didn't speak English at the time she started school, I felt very comfortable sending her to VCP because I knew she was in good hands with Mrs. Heath and Mrs. Thompson. Both teachers are very caring and gentle. My daughter loves them both. This school is a place where she can totally be herself and she enjoys it very much!" - Marie C.

"Valley Christian Preschool provided my son and daughter with a wonderful foundation that made them academically ready for school and spiritually ready for life. The teachers are caring and bring out the best in kids!" - Colleen O.

"My daughter had the greatest preschool experience at VCP! Mrs. Heath and Mrs. Thompson not only provided her with an engaging, child-centered environment, but truly prepared her for kindergarten in Canton. My husband and I are looking forward to sending out son to VCP too." - Maureen W.

 "Teachers that really care about your child!" - Stacey C.

 "Valley Preschool is run by caring and attentive teachers who provide diverse and interesting activities for children 3 and older. My granddaughter attends and couldn't be happier to go to school every Tuesday and Thursday!" - Andrea F.

 "Valley Christian Preschool in Unionville is a gem that I'm happy my daughter discovered for my grand daughter. She simply loves that school and the friends she made there and the teachers, the activities, the costumes, the playground, and...well just about everything!" - Francine T.

 "Valley Christian Preschool has been a blessing in our life! The teachers are wonderful!" - Simona F.

 "We chose to send our daughter to Valley Christian Preschool in Unionville last year, and Mackenzie has loved it since day one! I can’t say enough good things about Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Heath. Over the last two years they have nurtured Mackenzie, and have really prepared her for Kindergarten." - Annie C.

"Valley Christian Preschool was the best for my kids. Thank you Mrs. Heath and Mrs. Thompson for four great years at your school. What a blessing the two of you are!!" - Heather V.

"My daughter loves it! The teachers are very caring and attentive to your child. Thumbs Up!!" - Andrea S.

"I was referred to VCNS by my neighbors. My daughter was about to turn 3 years old and we wanted to put her in a preschool that taught socialization skills as well as easy academic skills. Both my kids felt completely safe and secure at preschool. They offered many various educational activities as well as bringing visitors in. The kindness and patience in which the teachers showed to all the children is outstanding. Overall I would definitely recommend VCNS and Mrs. Heath & Mrs. Thompson as preschool teachers. With their background experience and strong abilities to connect with the children, they will offer everything a family would be looking for in a preschool!!!" - Kimberly B.