P is for... Pancakes and Pajamas!

What do you get when you add pajamas with pancakes and a police officer? A whole lot of fun! On one of our days during "P" week, Officer Joe came to our school and read a story, made pancakes and even joined the pajama fun!

For other "P" day activities, we created paper pizzas, worked with puzzles, practiced writing our names, searched for words beginning with the letter "P" during quiet reading time and some of our students created paintings!

Keeping Our Eyes Healthy at VCP

Dr. and Mrs. Bartles came to visit our school, and taught us about eye care, eye safety and about the different ways people see objects and colors. We got to wear some extra-special glasses that allowed us to see a really cool 3-D image! Here are some photos from this special visit.

Dr. Bartles' Webpage

"O" is for "Oatmeal Cookies" - Yum!

Each week at VCP, our 4-year-old class focuses on a letter. For our "O" week, we made oatmeal cookies! Each child had a chance to stir the batter, press the cookies and also taste the yummy treats (the best part, of course!) We explored math, predictions and following a recipe - OH what fun it was!

Proud Discoveries!

Below, our students share proud moments of discovery at VCP. Every day is filled with discoveries, big and small, and we treasure each and every one of them made at our school. Here are a few student- led discoveries that were made, just by using our wooden blocks!

"We used EVERY block!"

"These are homes for all of the dinosaurs"

"These blocks spell I LOVE YOU"

Making Marvelous Music!

Ms. Lisa recently visited our school and as usual, our students had a fantastic time with her by making music, using their voices (and learning about different singing voices), using rhythmic instruments, using teamwork skills with a parachute, and moving to music with scarves and bean bags!