Ring, Ring, Ring the Bell...

Wow! What an awesome time we had when we each got a chance to ring the church bell today! We each took turns pulling hard on the rope - some of us had to pull extra hard because the bell is so big - and then heard the bell ring from our tug of the rope! We loved it so much that we each got to ring it a second time!

Our Little Bakers!

Our 3-year-old class proved to be excellent bakers as they learned how to follow a recipe by combining ingredients, mixing all of the ingredients together, and adding the MOST important ingredient (love!)

The best part of all, of course, was getting to taste the delicious treats we made! Below are photos of our fun day!

Learning about ingredients...
We each took a turn stirring the batter.
Then we each added the most ingredient of all...LOVE from our hearts!
Preparing the muffins...
We also added chocolate chips to make them extra special!
Counting as we added them...1, 2, 3...
Finally, we patiently waited for our treats to come out of the oven!
We love to bake!!

"J" is for Jellyfish!

Our M/W/F class had a jolly time creating jellyfish during our "J" week. Our students worked hard on their creations as they laced string, colored and of course, named their jellyfish. After all of our jellyfish were made, our class even had a dance party with their jellyfish, where they jumped, jiggled and jived!

Here are a few photos from of our jellyfish.


We will be holding conferences for the Monday/Wednesday/Friday class on Monday, January 23, 2012. Please look for sign up sheets posted in the front lobby at our school.

Please also note that classes will not be held on conference days, but there will be a room available where children may play under parental supervision.

Conferences are scheduled throughout the year to discuss progress of each child as well as any questions or concerns you may have. We ask that you not discuss any concerns you may have regarding your child's behavior in front of him/her, but instead, please take the opportunity during these conference times to speak privately with the teaching staff. You may prepare for conferences by bringing any questions you have regarding your child. We consider parent-teacher communication to be crucial to a successful preschool program and, in this way, we can work as a team to help your child grow into his/her full potential.

Bright & Healthy Smiles at VCP!

Ms. Claudia and Henrietta the Horse recently made an appearance at Valley Christian Preschool while visiting our Tuesday/Thursday class. They taught us how to care for our teeth, how to prevent cavities and more! Below are a few photos from the visit and we thank Ms. Claudia from Dr. Maltz's office for teaching us all about how to keep our teeth healthy and our smiles bright!

Here is the song that we learned:
You brush your teeth up,
You brush your teeth down,
You brush in circles all around.

We don't want cavities,
No no no gum disease!

We tell those germs...
Get out of town!

"H" is for Homes, Hunts and Happy!

Click or right-click on any photo to make it larger

Happy New Year!

This week, we are learning all about the letter "H". We learned how to make our eighth letter of the alphabet - the letter H - with our hands, using American Sign Language. We also learned all about homes (people homes, animal homes, what makes a home special and more!) We even had a blast doing a "happy dance" with the Wiggle Song!

During Lunch-a-Bunch, we went on a Color Hunt and used our skills to identify colors, group and sort them and then count them to make comparisons. As you can see by our photos above, it was a success!