"Snow" What FUN!

As the snow falls this winter, we at VCP are having a great time singing songs about the winter, doing winter-themed art projects, special movement activities and even playing in the snow! (Click on any photo to make it larger)

Our 4 year old class and 3 year old class (below) enjoy using teamwork
to make BIG snowflakes out of their bodies!
Alex makes a snow angel!
Ella poses with her snowball!

Our Winter Songs:

Rabbits Run
Rabbits run on the frozen ground
Who told you so?
Rabbits run on the frozen ground
How do you know?
I saw a rabbit - uh huh!
I saw a rabbit - uh huh!
I saw a rabbit - uh huh!
I saw a rabbit - oh!

Shovel, Shovel
Shovel, shovel 
I like to shovel
I shovel for a while
Then I JUMP in the pile!

Snowflakes Falling
(Sing to "London Bridges Falling Down" melody)
Snowflakes falling from the sky,
from the sky,
from the sky
Snowflakes falling from the sky,
to the earth below.

Watch them as the dance and whirl
dance and whirl
dance and whirl
Watch them as they dance and whirl
Soft white winter snow 

Crunch, Crunch
(Sing to "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" melody)
Crunch, crunch, 
crunch, crunch, crunch
Up the hill we go

Sliding, sliding,
sliding, sliding
Down the hill we go

Reminder About Snow Cancellation Policy:
In the event of inclement weather, announcements will be made on WTIC-AM, 1080; WTIC-FM, 96.5; WDRC-AM, 1360; WDRC-FM, 103.0; WRCH-FM, 100.5; MIX-FM, 93.7. We follow the Farmington Public School cancellation policy. If Farmington schools are closed, Valley Christian Preschool will be closed. In the event of a morning delay, we will hold class at regular times.

Exploring the World of Books!

At VCP, we encourage children to explore the wonderful world of books in many different ways. In addition to our daily story time, which links a chosen book to our theme or letter of the day, children have quiet reading time. During this time, they choose books and visually navigate through them by looking at clues such as shapes, pictures and letters to piece together the story. Often we will encourage children to look for particular letters, words that begin with certain letters, or colors to help boost their confidence in reading as well. Also, our students always have the option to explore books in our reading corner or in our nature corner during directed free play.

Matthew shares his exciting discovery about sharks with his brother, Andrew.

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

In both of our classes, we have had so much fun talking about the snow and creating projects related to snow! Some of the students in our four-year old class made predictions on when the first snowfall would occur and students in our three-year old class have enjoyed snow-themed art projects, including decorating one-of-a-kind cut snowflakes just like the photo below!


Reminder to Parents: 
Please pack snow pants or a snowsuit plus a winter coat, snow boots, mittens/gloves and a hat for your child each day. It is best if you can pack them in a separate bag each day even if there is a question if we will be going outside. This way, your child is able to play in the snow when we do go outside!

Bright, Healthy Smiles at VCP!

Ms. Claudia and Henrietta the Horse recently made an appearance at Valley Christian Preschool. They taught us how to care for our teeth, how to prevent cavities and more! Below are a few photos from the visit and we thank Ms. Claudia from Dr. Maltz's office for teaching us all about how to keep our teeth healthy and our smiles bright!

Here is the song that we learned:
You brush your teeth up,
You brush your teeth down,
You brush in circles all around.

We don't want cavities,
No no no gum disease!

We tell those germs...
Get out of town!