Our Educational Philosophy

Our preschool emphasizes the development of the whole child through active learning situations. We strive for a balanced, nurturing, caring, developmental approach to education for children who are 3, 4 and turning 5 years old.

Our program provides freedom for children to have spontaneous play and interaction, where they make discoveries, explore, solve problems and develop social skills. This, in addition to structured, teacher-directed activities in which children learn to focus attention and function in a group, fosters success and positive self-esteem.

Our curriculum provides opportunities that encourage the social, emotional, artistic, imaginative, physical and spiritual development of a child, while also offering many activities that allow for development in cognitive-academic areas as well as kindergarten-readiness.

Our qualified staff and small class sizes allow each child to develop according to his or her own pace, interest and learning style. We emphasize encouragement as a vital role in each child's development.

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